Maximize your Points using SAS Eurobonus


So you want to maximize the amounts of points you earn with SAS Eurobonus, so that you can redeem points for that first class week in Tokyo or business class retreat to New Zealand. Well then these tips are for you. If SAS Eurobonus is not your main loyalty program, I believe these tips still hold true and can be modified and applied to other loyalty programmes.

Fly Loyally.

The fastest and easiest way to earn miles and points is to fly butt-in-seat. However, navigating the confusing maze of different airlines, booking classes and earn rates can be difficult. If your main goal is to earn a lot of Eurobonus points, you should strive to fly SAS as much as possible. SAS operated flights will have the highest yield to Eurobonus. A return trip with the cheapest economy ticket from Stockholm to Hong Kong will yield at least 9.000 Eurobonus points, and even more if you have Eurobonus Gold/Diamond/Pandion status.

SAS route network is not the most widespread, and sooner or later you will be forced to fly another carrier to reach your destination. SAS is a Star Alliance member and because of that you will earn points flying a Star Alliance airline, depending on booking class. When booking a ticket with an airline, make note of the booking class(es) of your flight. These decide the amount of points you earn. Typically airlines show the booking classes during the booking process, but often you have to look carefully. This list of Eurobonus Airline Partners is useful for when you know your booking class and want to see your potential Eurobonus yield. For example, flying Lufthansa Frankfurt to New York (FRA-EWR) with booking class M will yield 100% of miles flown. Using, I can see that FRA-EWR is a distance of 3.870 miles and as such my one way ticket will yield 3.870 points.

There are times though when it is not feasible to fly SAS or a Star Alliance carrier. During these times I recommend using wheretocredit, an excellent tool to find the Loyalty Program giving the highest yield for your flight. Then by all means cheat on SAS and Star Alliance, but be sure to sign up for the loyalty programme of your choice, so that your miles & points aren’t lost.

Get Down With Credit.

Using credit cards is a great way to earn points on the purchases you were going to do anyway. It is very important that you pay the card balance in full every month, as not to incur interest charges and other nasty stuff. SAS has several co-branded credit cards, for which a full list soon will be available here. My favourite however, and the card I use the most, is SAS American Express Premium. It has a low fee of 1000 SEK per year, earns 15 points for every 100 SEK spent as well giving you a 2-4-1 voucher when you spend 150k SEK in a calendar year. The 2-4-1 voucher lets you fly for 50% of the point cost, so a business class ticket to Tokyo for you and your spouse now costs 100k points instead of 200k points. Add to that the excellent customer service of American Express in addition to good travel insurance through the card.

If you sign up for SAS American Express Premium through this link, you earn 12k Eurobonus points after spending 15k SEK within 3 months, and the yearly fee waived for the first year(no fee). Disclaimer: I earn a referral bonus if you sign up through the above link. I appreciate your support. You have to be a Swedish resident in order to apply for SAS co-branded credit cards.

Portal Shopping.

Never ever purchase something without looking at potential point earnings before hand. Many loyalty programmes have shopping portals these days, where if you purchase through the portal, you earn points & miles. The products include everything from kitchen blenders to rental cars to hotel stays. All SAS partners can be found here.

SAS Eurobonus Shopping Portal has plenty of good offers. Often you can combine offers with your Amex credit card, effectively making the 60p/100 SEK offer into a 75p/100 SEK deal.

There are plenty of physical stores, restaurants and pubs offering Eurobonus points when you shop or dine. A comprehensive list can be found here, allowing you to filter between different categories and geographical location of store/restaurant. What you need to do is notify the cashier at checkout and present your Eurobonus card, which will typically be swiped before you pay. Make sure that you have a Eurobonus card without payment function(without an electronic chip), as that can cause problems with the card reader. You can combine this with your SAS Amex or other co-branded credit card. When I was preparing to go study and live in Asia, I got my vaccines at CityVaccin. 100 points per 100 SEK spent, along with the additional 15 points per 100 SEK from my SAS Amex Premium, I was effectively making 115 points per 100 SEK spend. This netted me several thousand Eurobonus points.

Pay Bills With Your Credit Card.

When I tell people that they should pay their bills with their credit card, they think I’m crazy. Well I’m not. Well maybe a little bit, but that is besides the point. There are companies who allow you to pay bills with credit cards, giving you credit card spend and points, and in return they hold the money for a few days as well as charge a fee (2.5%) for the transaction. I personally use Betalo and Billhop, for when I need to boost my spend and points earnings. I often consider the fee worth it, when paying the bill through these services allow me to fly first class to Tokyo for pennies on the dollar.

There are ways to avoid the fee, however. Billhop gives you the option to pay bills up to an amount of 5000 SEK with no fees or surcharges, if you sign up through this link. It allows you to pay your water, electricity and phone bills through your credit card and get you even closer to your welcoming bonus.

Spend Your Points Wisely.

Once your points start piling up, there will be temptations to spend them. Don’t. It is not wise to spend almost 100k points on a pair of headphones when the same amount of points allow you to fly business class from Stockholm to Los Angeles. The headphones might have a retail cost of 2500 SEK, while the return business class ticket will have a cash price in the realm way above 20.000 SEK. You can see that one of these options give more value for your points. In the same vein, I only recommend to redeem points for premium travel, that is cusiness class or first class. Reedeming for Economy is not cost effective; most of the economy ticket price is taxes & fees which you have to pay even when you redeem points, which makes the value of your points collapse faster than you can say Lehman.

Make up a plan for your points. Do you want to go on a honeymoon to Hawaii? Go skiing in Hokkaido? Escape to a paradise island in the Pacific? Make a plan, a goal, for your points and then stick to it. When you’re ready to book, head over here to learn how to best book your dream trip. Best of luck in the miles & points game.


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